Sofia Hultin

Munchmuseet on the Move has commissioned Swedish artist Sofia Hultin (b. 1982) to carry out her project I’m Every Lesbian in Oslo. The opening of the project coincides with Oslo Pride 2016.

I’m Every Lesbian consists of a walking tour, a map and an audio guide, which presents parts of the city’s lesbian history as a first person narrative. Based on interviews with women in Oslo from diverse backgrounds and with varying gender/sexual identities, Hultin’s project recounts official queer history, but also focuses on personal stories concerning love and relationships to reflect how people and places affect the individual.

The project opens at the Munch Museum at 14.00 on 19 June, and will include the first communal walking tour with the artist. Throughout the summer of 2016, the large map will be displayed at the entrance to the museum and the small maps will be available at the museum reception, where the audio guide can be also downloaded for free. Subsequent communal tours with the artist will take place on 7 and 20 August.

Hultin started the project I’m Every Lesbian in 2013, and has conducted it out in different cities, including Belgrade, Malmø, and the Stockholm borough of Tensta. For information on these projects please klick here.


The White House is a contempory exhibition that critically explores how notion of people and Swednishness have been formulated in the Västerbotten heritage. With a special focus on whiteness, different power systems and social policy issues exposes the lack of history, struggle and affiliation by video, objects and installation art. The art exhibition is shown at Västerbottens museum from March 6 to May 29.